Our Services

Welcome to the Berktree Learning experience, where we strive to help students achieve excellence through education! Our goal is to offer services which will advance your student’s academic needs in a friendly, flexible, and comfortable environment, all while maintaining a professional and results-oriented standard for student success. The results we seek not only include academic success, but we also seek to help prepare students for college while also helping facilitate within them a passion for learning.

With Berktree Learning, students can work in a variety of settings best suited for their individual needs. They can work in the familiarity of their own home, or at our comfortable and conveniently located facility in Aliso Viejo, where we offer private learning, group sessions, test prep, and homeschooling.

Our staff has extended experience in their respective academic subjects and receives rigorous training in the field of education itself, so that we can provide excellent educational support to our students. We understand that both parents and students need a balance of a comfortable and trusting relationship with the tutor while also maintaining a professional and goal-oriented purpose. We know that our efforts to ensure the success of our students will be evident in the awakening of their natural curiosity to learn, ask questions, and expand their horizons.

Please feel free to speak with one of our representatives or our director, Kiana Berkman, for more information about our programs. We look forward to sharing academic excellence with you and your family!

Private Tutoring Programs

When a student is struggling in one or two core subjects, it is often difficult to re-learn the old missing concepts while still grasping the new material, and maintaining the attention to detail necessary for academic success. Private tutoring can help identify the missing concepts and provide the necessary support needed to turn around a poor academic performance, and achieve excellence. Tutoring can be offered one-on-one with one of our highly trained tutors, or in a small pre-arranged group.  Likewise, students can receive the educational support they need either in familiarity of their own home, or at our comfortable and conveniently located new facility, Berktree Learning Center.


Homework Club Programs

Every student is different, and the needs of every family likewise differ. While some students need the whole attention of a specialized tutor to help achieve success, other students may just need the simplicity of a comfortable place to study where they can get a little bit of help. For this reason, we are opening our brand new after-school Homework Club program, designed to allow students to come in to our facility for brief periods and get help on homework over a broad spread of subject matters. This program can make up that small difference between grades, as students have a chance to fill in the missing gaps in knowledge, and spend the requisite time needed to properly study for the grade they desire.


Independent Study and Home Schooling Instruction

In today’s competitive environment and struggling school-systems, it’s difficult for students to find effective alternative paths to their academic goals. Whether it’s the student’s need to take required classes ahead of schedule,  re-take classes after, or take classes flexible to their schedules in a private one-on-one environment, Berktree Learning offers services which can help your student excel. Our independent study and home schooling instruction, which can be conducted at home or at our facilities, offers WASC approved and accredited courses that can supplement or replace the regimen of classes offered at any school. In other words, your student can take classes to get ahead of the curve (or catch up to the curve) at their convenience, and in a one-on-one setting. These classes can be taken in the form of an after-school or summer-school class, or an entire package of classes over the course of months, much like a home-schooling program.


SAT/ACT Preparation Instruction

Many colleges require the SAT or ACT for all applicants, and some even require additional SAT subject tests. Many universities require excellence on these make-or-break tests, yet courses from some major companies can cost more than the tuition to these same universities while others do no better than sticking your student in another ineffective classroom.  This is why we offer one-on-0ne or small group SAT preparation courses which are affordably priced, yet still manage to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. We don’t just offer tips on how to score higher, but rather look at your student’s specific areas of concern and help improve overall concept comprehension. The study demands for our courses are still high, but when students commit to their academic success with Berktree Learning, they have consistently raised their score 50% closer to perfect from where they had started. Not only will they walk away with a standardized test score that they can be proud of, but they will have a more firm grasp of concepts needed for future subjects, ensuring future academic success as well!