Private Tutoring Program

The first goal of any private tutoring program is to provide the educational excellence necessary to help a student achieve high marks in their academic evaluations. However, the number one misconception about tutoring is that only struggling students need it. As a result, many parents see the need for hiring educational support as the solution to a problem, rather than a path to lasting success. The Private Tutoring Program through Berktree Learning can offer so much more than simple academic correction. Private tutoring can also be an important tool for subject mastery, college preparation, and more importantly, building a passion for learning!

Academic Success and Subject Mastery:

Academic success may be different for each student. Sometimes it means that they need to raise a grade. Sometimes it means they need to perform better on certain parts of their grade (such as tests or homework). At Berktree Learning, we not only help your student achieve their academic goals, but we also work to help student’s gain subject mastery. Many of the concepts students are learning in their current class are necessary building blocks for future subjects as well. We believe that proficiency is a necessary part of subject mastery, as the education environment becomes more driven by standardized tests. The concepts mastered with a tutor can not only be used for future classes, but can also become a key building block for good scores on SAT, ACT and other standardized tests. To help achieve these levels of success and mastery, our tutors are trained in many teaching techniques, including, modelling, “scaffolding”, giving real-life examples, and using student-driven questions to help a student understand key concepts.

College Preparation:

Being prepared for college requires more than outstanding academics and concept comprehension. The path to college can be just as difficult to maneuver as any complex homework problem, and Berktree Learning offers college counselling sessions to help navigate this path. However, the path to attending college is hard for many students to envision at a young age. Our goal as educators is to help students see that path with more clarity so that they can be better prepared for difficult transitions into adulthood. Tutors can help make the vision of college seem real to students with their practical study tips and real-life academic experiences. Our young and energetic staff hopes to provide students with a new perspective, one that can include attending institutions of higher learning and better prepare them for the next journey in their life.

A Passion for Learning:

Here at Berktree Learning, we do not look at education as something you “give” to a student, but rather, education is a treasure laid bare for all to marvel at, if they wish to seek it. It’s getting students to want to learn that can be tricky. Educators at all levels struggle with methods and techniques that can help drive students to learning, but here at Berktree Learning, our tutors help students realize learning for what it is – a treasure. Our team members are trained and experienced in their areas of expertise, and bring with them a certain level of passion that they have obtained through their own experiences. In the one-on-one environment, students and tutors are able to create a bond that is deeper than that of a teacher to a student, and we encourage this relationship to have lasting effects in a student’s desire to learn. Perhaps the passion for learning can happen due to key concepts being connected to the real world situations. It can be transmitted from the tutor or simply result as an organic progression of a genuine connection much like a mentor to a mentee. Whatever the cause may be, it is our hope that our staff can help bridge that gap between the professional and authoritarian world of adults to the adolescent and child world they know. More importantly, we hope that in time, your student feels a genuine connection with the content they are learning, and the path it will lead them to in the future.


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